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Friedrich Kochs

In recent years the demand of modern window and door systems has rapidly increased in growing markets like China. Climate change, rising energy costs, and noise pollution due to increased urbanization have dramatically raised the need of energy-efficient and sound insulating building materials. Advanced windows and doors systems play a crucial role in maximizing energy efficiency and comfort levels of the work and living environment. For over 55 years KOCHS has been known in Germany and Europe for our customer-oriented service and for providing the best quality and durability of product. Our corporate philosophy of providing the highest quality of product and customer service is fundamental to us in Germany and it is continued in China.

Christoph Holz - General Manager

As a German company in China, we are guided by our headquarters to never disregard KOCHS’ business principle. Provide the highest quality and ensure customer satisfaction. Honest advice, courtesy, cleanliness, discipline, and precision in the production and installation are not foreign ideals to our employees in China; but are instead the founding principles that every KOCHS employee lives. Our customers expect and receive the same great quality and service in China as they would expect in Germany. We at KOCHS are proud to know that our best advertisement is our many satisfied customers and their personal recommendations to choose KOCHS Windows and Doors.We are looking forward to satisfying you with our great product and service.

Window Systems

Windows products, solution and installation

Whether for your home, office, store, restaurant, hotel or factory, windows are the eyes to every building. Great windows give more than just a perfect view to the world and aesthetics to the building; they provide security, burglar resistance, energy savings, and peace from outside noise. Great windows enrich our living and work spaces with security and comfort.

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Door Systems

Door products, systems and installation

Just as windows are the eyes of the building, doors are just as essential in the design and comfort of every building. KOCHS offers a wide variety of door systems that will bring security and comfort to your home, office, or factory building. Our experts can help you select the perfect system for Safety Entry Doors, Terrace and Balcony Doors.

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