Energy Saving

Windows and Doors are a very sensitive Area in every building shell.  Deficient windows and doors can lead to extremely high-energy losses and thus very high costs, which effectively means you can be throwing your money out the window!

Energy consumtion and losses in house without proper thermal insulation
The thermal image shows clearly: Less heat is lost through replacement windows (upstairs left).

The main reasons for energy losses through windows are:

  • Deficient glass (Single thickness, thin, or low quality double glass)
  • Bad thermal insulation of window or door frame. (For example aluminium frames without or with deficient thermal break)
  • Gaps between Frame and Sash (Elements do not seal and close tightly, possibly for example because of outdated sliding systems)
  • Deficient and untrained installation of the window and door system.

With KOCHS U-PVC Windows and Doors you can be sure to get the best possible thermal insulation available on the market through using the best energy efficient materials and high quality installation.

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