Windows doors production facilityWindows and doors are no products that have to replace every two years. They should keep for decades, what they promise.

In China, KOCHS’ production line is “State of the Art” and complete with only German/European machinery.  Our experienced and qualified staff ensures that every window and door is produced with the highest level of quality and care.

To ensure the quality of our product, KOCHS selects only the best raw materials in the market and builds strong relationships with the suppliers of our materials.  Our suppliers are German and European companies that provide sustainable and best quality materials.

Some window companies will focus only on the quality of the main materials such as glass, steel, rubber-fittings and profiles.  But KOCHS, the smaller and unseen materials such as quality of screws, polyurethane foam, and silicone, receive equal importance.

The best products are not convincing when they are installed incorrectly!

Window system installationOur own team of highly skilled installation workers were trained in Germany and will install all elements according to German standards.

With such attention to Quality, it is no wonder that 97% of our customers are very satisfied with KOCHS and will only recommend our windows and doors.