U-PVC Advantages

Nowadays, windows and doors are the decisive factor when it comes to a building's comfort, cost and appearance. U-PVC window systems became immediately popular on account of their long service life and easy maintenance. For the first time, there was an ideal material, which is 100% rot-proof. KOCH’s supplier KÖMMERLING has played a pioneering role in developing and marketing window systems since 1967. Today it has operations in all parts of the world.

Most countries have their own quality standards and guidelines. KÖMMERLING U-PVC profile systems have been independently tested for performance and quality throughout the world. They meet, and often substantially surpass, the requirements of relevant standards for U-PVC profiles worldwide.

This technical excellence, independently substantiated and proven over many years of service in climates ranging from Arctic extremes to Mediterranean and equatorial conditions, means KÖMMERLING U-PVC profiles can confidently be specified to meet the most rigorous requirements of prolonged exposure and use.

Advantages of U-PVC windows and doors:

  • Excellent weather resistance: KOCHS U-PVC windows and doors withstand various kinds of weather conditions, acid rain and UV radiation.
  • Excellent thermal insulation
    With a thermal insulation at least 2 times better than aluminium windows, U-PVC windows and doors let u safe a lot of energy and money.
  • Excellent sound insulation
    With multiple chambers inside the profile, U-PVC windows frames reduce the noise level up to 45 dB
  • Optimal safety
    Through steel reinforcement inside every profile combined with German hardware, KOCHS U-PVC Windows offers optimal security.
  • Corrosion resistance
    U-PVC Windows withstand aggressive city environment and humidity
  • Long lasting and maintenance free
    U-PVC windows do not rust, are easy to clean and doesn’t need special maintenance with a lifetime from 50 to 100 years.
  • Excellent fire proofing
    U-PVC profile systems are fully self-extinguishing.
  • Attractive appearance
    With a smooth surface and properly welded corners U-PVC windows show an aesthetic design, with various options of color and wood films.
  • Environmental friendly and recyclable
  • Excellent cost – performance ratio
    Compare with aluminum, wood or wood -aluminum windows, U-PVC Windows and doors are much less cost intensive but with same and mostly better technically performances.