Window systems

Whether for your home, office, store, restaurant, hotel or factory, windows are the eyes to every building.  Great windows give more than just a perfect view to the world and aesthetics to the building; they provide security, burglar resistance, energy savings, and peace from outside noise.  Great windows enrich our living and work spaces with security and comfort.

KOCHS U-PVC Windows are constructed to meet the highest standards and specifications of the window industry with our German standardized production line and installation team.

KOCHS Windows are the Best Choice.

Window Types

Tilt & Turn windows

KOCHS Tilt & Turn Windows achieve highest energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance and sound control. This inward opening window has one handle for an easy to use 3 position operation: Locking – Opening – Tilting. The tilt position allows gentle air movement to refresh the air inside the room and still provides highest security against intruders. In the turn position it allows large amounts of ventilation quickly and makes it very easy to clean the exterior surface of the glass.

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Profile Systems:

EuroWing 3C Energy GlassWin 88 plus
Windows system EuroWing Windows systems 3C Energy Windows system Glasswin windows systems 88 plus

Casement windows / Outward opening windows

KOCHS Casement windows with one or two sashes opens outward and allows quick air ventilation. Combined with German hardware KOCHS Casement Windows provides highest security, air tightness and water resistance.

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Profile System:

Gold Asea
Windows System Gold Asea

Sliding windows

KOCHS Sliding Windows are a perfect option if your are looking for an affordable space saving window solution. With German Hardware KOCHS Sliding Windows provides highest security, air tightness and water resistance.


Profile Systems:

Orta   SF2
Windows system Orta   Windows System SF2

System Gold Asea

Gold asea CADA universal system to make inward and outward opening windows with excellent cost /performance ratio and unique design.

System 3C Energy

3C Energy CADThis multiple system brings solutions for different kind of window and door types. With its 3mm wall thickness and its pre –positioned thermal chambers it guarantees remarkable strengths and insulation.

System GlassWin

Glasswin CADThis system is based on structural glazing technology and features a bond between the pane and the frame structure, a technology known from frame construction. The static properties of the GlassWin system allow slim and therefore more elegant frame structures. The sash profile is completely covered by the glass pane and is not visible from the outside. This means that considerably more light enters the building for the users' benefit.

System Eurowing

Euro wing CADThis system with its 70mm construction depth, its center sealing and its six thermal chambers in the frame profile and eight thermal chambers in the sash profile, guarantees maximum strengths and insulation.

System Orta

Orta CADThis horizontal sliding system is very successful in Asian countries and can be offered as a 2 or 3 track sliding system. The slope inside the frame assists to drain out water quickly. Mosquito nets could be put either inside or outside of the frame profile.

System SF2

SF2 CADThis horizontal sliding system is well known as the strongest sliding system on the market. Excellent performance and durability have been proven by facts in various applications since many years. This system is mainly used for big size window and door solutions.

Lift & Slide System

Lift and slide CAD

This system achieves the unique function of lift –open- sliding and drop close which makes it extremely water and air tight with extremely good sound insulation. Compared with traditional sliding systems, this system provides excellent burglar –proof performances as it goes with German multi – locking hardware.